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History of the discovery of   TULA
             on the ruins of ATLANTIS (= ATLAN)

"Polis ATLANtis" means literally translated  
"city of ATLAN"
:   "tis" is only the genitive ending in Old Greek.
The MAYA named their first vanished capital (even today): ATLAN.
The vikings named that city:
Andlan, Andlang or because of their inhabitants ASGARD
(= city of the ASA, documented in their heroic poetry EDDA).
The entire city with all its buildings and port installations and even with parts of the bridge "Bifroest", that led from the northern shore to the island-capital, has been found.
The bridge had really a length of 5 1/2 miles (= 50 plethrons), as Plato had described it.
And later   another still undiscovered city named TULA or Asgard exsisted in the same place, where in former times ATLANTIS was situated ? . . .
And one single person believes to have found   all that ! ? !
A b s u r d !   Or not?
L u c k y    !   Or what ?       A long personal story :

In 1937 My birthday (2-23-37) consists of 3 prime numbers.

In 1943 During WW II I came back to "Angeln", the land of my ancestors,
to my Anglo-Saxon respectively to my viking roots. And I learned our Old-Nordic language.

In 1959 I began to study mathematics and sports and became a teacher.

In 1970 I learned Spanish and lived in El Salvador / Central America for 6 years,
working as a teacher in the "Deutsche Schule San Salvador".
There I learned one of the 26 MAYA-languages (Quiché) and was interested in the Mayan culture, especially in their old mysterious numbers, dates and calendars.
In 1975 I read Nigel Davies' book "The Aztecs", and learned that a city named Aztlan
had exsisted in the homeland of the Aztecs:
the city on a crooked hill in a lake, with 7 caves which served as harbour for their ships
(= colhuacan chicomoztoc).
In 1976  A year later three regional leaders of the natives (= MAYA-priests) trusted in me
for the first time and told me a lot of their history and of their secrets.
They thought I were Kukulcan's messenger and had to control their way of life, only because I could jump a breakneck leap, some other athletic exercises and because I knew some special things about the planet Venus.

During the last sessions we talked together in the "ZUYUA THAN" - language.
(That's the Old-Nordic language, that already exsisted when the Spaniards conquered Mexico, and surprisingly it is very similar to my mother tongue "Angeliter Platt":)

These 3 natives gave me first information about ATLAN,
"the first capital of the MAYA, that vanished in a spectacular catastrophe in the water (= atl)
42 miles north of Copán.
2 epochs later (= 800 years later) the island slowly rose up again (over sea level)
and was named "Iz Machi"
(= "In the rush, where it is maddy") and later "TOLAN" or "TULA".
It was protected by 3 land rings."

The 3 natives showed me what the city-arms of TULA looked like:
"Three rings and a tower with a golden globe on top of it". (20 years later I saw
the same picture in the precolumbic MAYA-manuscript "Dresden Codex":)


But in 1976 I did not believe them, because I knew in my experience as a hobby-yachtsman:
I cannot even see a ship at a distance of 20 miles (in spite of the earth curvature).
In 1980 I saw the Feldberg of the Black Forest at a distance of 200 miles from the top of the Alps by high visibility. I was surprised ...
Then I calculated as a mathematician with help of the spheric trigonometry that the visibility is even 62 miles from the sea to Copán, because it is situatetd at a height of 2,040 ft (= 622 m).
In 1982 I read for the first time Plato's report on "polis atlantis" and I recognized, very surprised, a lot of parallels between the statements of the natives and of Plato.
(The MAYA-information were much better, more extensive and exact ...)
In 1984 I flew in a Cesna (with help of the BAYER Ltd. and of the army of El Salvador)
across the Lake Izabal in Guatemala (a prohibited area in those days) and surveyed the surface of the lake (round about 50 % of 800 qkm).
Some days later using an outboard motor I tried it again.
Without success !   (I saw only a ramp of an ancient bridge on the northern shore !)

In 1986: The HOECHST Ltd. Guatemala, the SHELL Ltd., and the Ministery of Mining and Energy   helped me to get copies of the geophysical measuring results, concerning the Lake Izabal, that had been taken 10 years before by the research vessel "MS Petty Ray".
They had searched 1/2 a year long for oil with a Multiplex 2000 .
I arranged that the copies had been rechecked under archaeological aspects in the Geophysical Institut of Hannover by Dr. Bosses' team:
The "rings" and the "central island" exsist undoubtfully at a depth of 61 ft (= 20 m).
From 1987 to 1992 I decoded further MAYA-calendars and wrote the article
"ATLAN = ATLANTIS". Prof. Dr. Harthun (university of Frankfort) published it.
And Mel Fisher in Florida read it:        (He phoned me and said:
"I am Mel, the world-greatest deepsea diver. I want to excavate ATLAN. Come here!")
Two times I flew to Miami and then to Key West.

He wanted to salvage the "golden tablets"   and he intended to invest 20 Mio. $.
He had good connnections to the US NAVY.
They rechecked my copies, flew across the lake and got even more precise results:
a 10 cm screen of radiometric dates; differing only up to 1 inch a yard.
They radiolocated even the chest (= sacrophagus) with the golden tablets.
I'm sorry to say: But soon after that Mel died of cancer.

The chest with the golden tablets is found,
but not in the place that Plato described ...

In 2000 I published the book "ABC of MAYA" and did further research work:
In 2004 I read an entire translation of the EDDA and in it the remarkable sentence:
"They found the wondrous golden tablets on the Idafeld in Asgard,
that the ASA owned a long time ago."

In 2006 I found the original text of the EDDA in the internet.
I was surprised that I could understand more than 70 % of the Old-Nordic language
without difficulties.
It is very similar to my mother tongue "Angeliter Platt".
(This Old-Nordic language has not changed a lot in the last 1000 years.)
Therefore I decided to translate the first 20 chapters again and came to (even for me)
surprising results:
Asgard is "polis ATLAN-tis";   and
TULA is the successor of ATLANTIS.

On this basis I was successful in comparing the descriptions with all of the buildings, ruins and foundations.
                           (Look at the link: buildings!)

And I recognized why the chest was moved from the "Idafeld" (= position of the old castle)
to the new castle and why it is still situated in the safest place of the "palace Bilskinir"
and why Max Kukulcan (= Thor) and his successors guarded, protected and honoured it
till TULA vanished on the 14th of Sep. 1224 A.D. -
That's the reason why the golden plates
are not in the place that Plato described ...

My native informants told me that the catastrophe was accompanied by enormous earth- and seaquakes and by a solar eclipse on the same day.
Modern astronomy confirmed the date
and told me that there was a solar eclipse in the following position 14° 50,7' N 89° 05,5' W and that it lasted from:

14:39 h to 15:03 h on the 14th of Sep. 1224 A.bsp;
The "Dresden Codex" tells us the same day:
a solar eclipse happens very rarely in the same position (approximately every 1,011 years).
Therefore I am convinced now that my calendar - decoding and all my new dates and data banks are correct: -
All the other solar eclipses (documented in the "Dresden Codex") are reconfirmed
and now even historical events and dates on both continents are confirmed and identical.
In 2007 :       The time is ripe for the salvage ! -

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