My point of view:
The greatest archaeological discovery of the 19th century:
The provincial town TROY
in Turkey near Hissarlik
discoverer:  Heinrich Schliemann
sponsor:      Heinrich Schliemann

The greatest archaeological discovery of the 20th century:
The tomb of Tut Anch Amun
in Egypt in the valley of the kings near Luxor
discoverer:  Howard Carter
sponsor:       Lord Carnavon

The greatest archaeological dicovery of the 21st century:
The capital ATLAN
with its golden tablets of law
in Guatemala in the Lake Izabal
discoverer: Joachim Rittstieg
sponsor:      ....................?   ...................?

Your name could be inserted here, dear sponsor !

It is worth while :
All over the world  the sponsor of this project will be mentioned in every major dictionary, not only for a short period but for centuries.
Probably you, your firm, your products and all your property alone could hardly achive that . -
Become world-famous !
This might be your only chance, realize and take it!
Can you imagine  a better long-term publicity campaign
for you personally, your firm and your products
than deserving thanks for a single investment of 3 Mio. €,
than deserving thanks for the salvage of a world heritage,
the greatest
heritage that was searched for since antiquity?
Sorry for talking to you   so directly:
In my opinion this clarity and honesty is neccessary and
a precondition for a successful co-operation, or isn't it ???
Joachim Rittstieg

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