I am Joachim Rittstieg. My friends call me OLD JOE :
I was born in Berlin on the 23rd of February 1937.
Since 1971 I have been working very intensively on the MAYA culture, especially on their numbers, dates and calendars
besides my job as a teacher for mathematics:
My family and I lived six years long in Central America and we travelled through Mexiko, Guatemala, Belice, Honduras und El Salvador various times in order to find and reconfirm dates.

Finally all together after 30 years I was successful in decoding all MAYAn calendars, and wrote down the results in the book "ABC of MAYA"
(= "ATLAN Became Capital of MAYA" = a chronology of MAYAn history):

The new initial date of the long count calendar is the 19th of Feb. 2700 BC I even found the initial date (19th of Feb. 12,900 BC) and the day of destruction (30th of Oct. 666 BC) of the first Capital of America ATLAN and its position and lay-out plan in Central America.

It is a surprise that the MAYA had been in contact with the Vikings (from 774 AC to 1224 AC) and that both peoples knew a lot about that old sunken city.

Please call on me under 0049-4331-38066 or send me an e-mail under 0049-4331-696906:
Further information under www.Edda-online.de or www.Joachim-Rittstieg@goldene-Tafeln-Atlan.de or www.asgard-atlan.de.
Or visite me at home:
Gartenstr. 19   D-24794 BORGSTEDT / GERMANY

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